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Fig.1: Chemical molecules

Fig.2: Material & Products

Your direct source of:

Industrial Chemicals
Personal Care
pharmaceutical Additives
Nutrition Food Ingredients

Based on reliable, efficient and cost effective; our company is your direct source of several of food, beverage, and nutrition ingredient, we also carry the pharmaceutical grade and industrial grade chemical additives.

As a chemical supplier, we’ve sourced raw materials from chemical suppliers around the world and marketed them to manufacturers serving industrial and consumer marketplaces

We are the share holder of this Theophyline product in China; and therefore, we have the exclusive right to sell the product in U.S. and Canada Market.

We specialize in the serving of the global personal care, nutrition pharmaceutical and Tech Chemical market. Please refer to our Product page, to see the products we carried in the past and now. To find the product you are interested in, please e-mail us or call us for the details.

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